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NSONS GROUP offers complete solutions for the Hospitals starting from tine needle to the Specialized Equipments. NSONS GROUP is strictly focused on the best possible treatment of patients and the greatest-possible working comfort for the hospital team. The NSONS GROUP product portfolio, which sets forward-looking with regard to quality, reliability, innovation and service.

NSONS GROUP Market and Distribute Different Products for Different Territories and Regions.
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NSONS GROUP has a broad range of products to support different divisions of the Hospitals. By providing a broad spectrum of products for optimal patient outcomes, NSONS GROUP strives to become the first choice for surgeons, regardless of their preferred method of surgery.

NSONS GROUP is a leader in production and the distribution of Pharmaceuticals, Medical disposables and hardware for special therapies.

NSONS GROUP products are specifically designed and engineered for safety and ease of use, and to maximize patient and clinician benefit.