As a result of the Business Partnership with International and Local providers. The NSONS GROUP product portfolio includes the market leading products combination; allows us to provide a more complete product offering that improves clinical outcomes and make a difference in the lives of the patients.

ATS Medical, Inc. is a leading developer, manufacturer and marketer of products and services focused on cardiac surgery. Global in scope, the company hvas remained headquartered in Minneapolis since its founding in 1991. ATS Medical serves the $2.5 billion cardiac surgery market of 9,000 cardiac surgeons in 3,000 open heart centers performing up to 1.2 million cardiac procedures each year.

Abbott Point of Care understands the need for fast, accurate, and reliable test results that give health care professionals the confidence they need to make critical patient care decision s. Abbott manufactures the i-STAT® System, an advanced, handheld blood analyzer that provides real-time, lab-quality results within minutes to accelerate the patient care decision-making process.

Worldwide MAQUET ranks among the leading providers of medical products, therapies and services for Operating Rooms and Intensive Care Units. From its origins in surgical infrastructure, MAQUET has expanded into a therapy-focused company. Most recently, Datascope's innovative cardiovascular product portfolio was integrated into MAQUET. This new opportunity enables MAQUET to offer an expanded product portfolio and more extensive resources, while supporting the clinician's personal dedication to improving the quality of care.

Medos is a leading German medical device company developing, producing and distributing worldwide a full range of product solutions for cardiac surgery and peripheral applications. Medos focuses on the continuous development of innovative therapy solutions for cardiac surgeons and perfusionists. After two and a half decades Medos is very well established as a provider of products for extracorporeal organ support and organ replacement..

Smartcanula LLC is the leading manufacturer for advanced interfaces between the circulatory system and cardio-pulmonary bypass, the key technology for open heart surgery. As a matter of fact, remote cannulation with traditional cannula designs severely limits the blood flow and major pressure drops are common on both, the arterial and the venous side.

Transonic flow measurement technology can help you ensure positive patient outcomes. It is easy-to-use, accurate, and reliable. Physicians and researchers all over the world have used Transonic products for more than 20 years to measure flow in many species and models. They have published their measurements in over 4000 Studies where flow was a key parameter.

Oliver-Tolas Healthcare Packaging is one of the world's leading producers of sterile-grade medical device packaging and pharmaceutical packaging. Oliver-Tolas brings together the best of Oliver Medical Packaging Packaging's 30+ years producing the industry's highest quality and most innovative products.

CooperSurgical products help clinicians advance health care for women of all ages. Those who treat the unique health care needs of women have come to know and trust the many brands that make up the CooperSurgical portfolio, including RUMI, LEEP, and Leisegang. Ob/Gyns and physicians, hospitals and clinics, and assisted reproductive technology clinics have come to rely on surgical instruments, medical devices, and disposables manufactured by CooperSurgical.

Medtronic is a global healthcare Solutions Company committed To improving the lives of people through medical technologies, Services, and solutions.


Aortic and Peripheral Vascular, Cardiac Rhythm and Heart Failure Coronary and Structural Heart


Neuromodulation, Neurovascular, Orthopedics, Spine, Surgical Technologies.


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Diabetes Service and Solutions, Intensive Insulin Management, Non-intensive Diabetes Therapies