Welcome to NSONS

A Company That Does Not Compromise On Quality

NSONS GROUP help physicians to save lives and improve the quality of life for patients that’s why NSONS known as the "Advancing Standards for Life" with the concept of best lifesaving product technologies.

NSONS GROUP the largest privately held, manufacturer and Distributors of Healthcare Supplies in the Global Market NSONS manufactures and represent world’s best Brands for its peoples and physicians to maintain the quality of life and always working for new research and developments in health care sector.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

"Green Hands Program"

Do you know you can save lives?
One suggestion can safe several live; NSONS have started and YOU?
We have three different cycles to deliver our responsibility.

  • Conduct community workshops
  • Education plans
  • Community involvements

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NSONS E-Acadmy

NSONS e Academy is the education Area for medical specialists with The force to get the better knowledge for new innovations worldwide.

NSONS is trying to deliver a dynamic training forum with help of e-learning system.

Medical Specialists can get the latest innovations in Health Care Industries, Clinical References, clinical trials and reports from the approved areas; Training Videos and New procedures with Technical comments.

From NSONS e Academy medical Specialist can also get products brochures, Studies and clinical trials of that product which comes under NSONS manufacturing And Distribution Umbrella.