NSONS E-Academy

NSONS e Academy is the education Area for medical specialists with The force to get the better knowledge for new innovations worldwide.

NSONS is trying to deliver a dynamic training forum with help of e -learning system. Medical Specialists can get the latest innovations in Health Care Industries, Clinical References, clinical trials and reports from the approved areas; Training Videos and New procedures with Technical comments.

From NSONS e Academy medical Specialist can also get products brochures, Studies and clinical trials of that product which comes under NSONS manufacturing And Distribution Umbrella.

For more Information, questions Or comments please contact NSONS E-Academy Support Team through email or contact via phone on the below given address.

Medical Provisional can also contact our E-Academy Support Team for Registrations and requests.

NSONS E-Academy Support Team

Green Hand Program

NSONS GROUP is striving to spread more knowledge for the betterment of Health. We are always planning to conduct Community workshops in which we spread tips and suggestions for our community.

NSONS GROUP have a special department which serve its expertise to spread new ways of medical treatments for the Patients and also delivery more and more information to their family members how they can save from daises.

Our Major way to Support our Community with Workshops in which we delivery the information to our Community that how they can secure their lives form Different diseases. We deliver tips and suggestion books for the patients and also for their families. With the help of these books our community gets more knowledge about diseases their treatments and also the way to secure from that disease.

NSONS GROUP also support educational programs which focused our next generation to turn their life to become science innovators.

NSONS GROUP conduct seminars in schools and universities to motivate our Next generation to turn up their lives to think about the medical innovations. In These Seminars NSONS GROUP People deliver the information about human structure; diseases and infections. With The help of this way we encourage our generation to think about their lives and also the Life of their community.

For Information, Questions Or Comments Please contact NSONS GROUP Green Hand Support Team through email.

Hospital; Medical Academies and School can contact our Green Hand Support Team to Education Workshops and Seminars.

NSONS GROUP Green Hand Support Team green.hands@nsons.com