NSONS GROUP the Privately held company maintaining the Goal of Several Business Divisions in Health Care and Life Saving Products Manufacturing, Marketing and Distribution Industries.

NSONS GROUP ranks among the leading providers of medical Equipment technology for emergency rooms, operating rooms and intensive care units. Always working hard to introduce new innovations and technological progress in the field of Medical Equipment.

As a result of the Business Partnership with International and Local providers, The NSONS GROUP product portfolio includes the market leading products combination allows us to provide a more complete product offering that improves clinical outcomes and make a difference in the lives of the patients.


Medical Disposables Division of NSONS GROUP combines single use medical products. NSONS GROUP provides a full scale of cardiac perfusion products, such as oxygenators, Cannula and Catheters and other products for on-pump and off-Pump cardiac surgery. The other special therapies line includes heart valves, unique extracorporeal life support systems.

NSONS GROUP also provides the Medical Disposables for Interventional Cardiology; Vascular Surgery, Gynecology, Neurovascular and Dialyses.


Medical Hardware Division of NSONS GROUP combines Medical Equipment Systems. NSONS GROUP provides High performance anesthesia and ventilation systems serving the operation room and intensive care unit areas. Our Medical hardware product line includes Heart lung machines, OR Lights Surgical tables, MRI, CT Scans, lithotripter, Blood Gas Analyzer and Nuclear Medicine Systems.


NSONS GROUP is the Manufactures and provider of Pharmaceutical products. Our Pharmaceutical product line includes Vaccinations, Antibiotics, and special Drugs for ecology.


Improving the lives is about more than just great products. It's about taking responsibility for Improving life's with the help of latest medical technologies and the Work we do, as a Company and as individuals.

We are always seeking ways for better integrate systems, Latest Technologies, to ensure a better quality of life for future generations.

We demonstrate our commitment to by providing best branded products and services that improve patients lives.


The NSONS GROUP organization is adapted to be able to respond quickly to market changes.

Over all decisions on strategy and orientation are made by NSONS GROUP board and management, whereas operative decisions are made at company or business area levels.

From having a company with narrow product range, today's NSONS GROUP Each business area is independently responsible for promotion, Sales and distribution of specific product line.


NSONS GROUP is dedicated to continuously advancing the standard of Medical Technology. Through collaboration with International and Local business partners to improve product and service performance for surgeons and quality of life for patients. NSONS GROUP is committed to the development of new and innovative technologies and complementing Product and service in Medical Technology.

The company's focus remains on the challenges faced by surgeons as they strive to provide quality care and improved quality of life for their patients.

NSONS GROUP invests in quality, as well as research and development, on an international scale in order to meet the challenges faced by Surgeons clinics and hospitals on a daily basis.

Premium products from NSONS GROUP combine medical, clinical and economic benefits alike. NSONS GROUP offers a reliable service network. The NSONS GROUP service team comprises experienced specialists. Thus ensuring maximum-possible assistance.